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What is Sugarcane Bagasse?

sugarcane bagasse

Bagasse is the byproduct of sugarcane fiber after the juices are removed from the sugarcane stalk, which was previously thrown away or burned. But right now, instead of throwing or burning this “waste product”, the manufacturers can use them to produce usable and sustainable goods, such as eco-friendly disposable tableware to reduce environmental pollution and energy consumption. Sugarcane Bagasse is a stylish and perfect eco alternative to foam, traditional plastic, or polystyrene. Bagasse fiber products are compostable, derived from reclaimed and renewable material, tree-free, 100% harmless to human beings, and environmentally friendly.

As sugarcane is a sustainable and renewable plant, its bi-product- bagasse is an excellent raw material to make products including tableware, plates, clamshells, bowls, containers, cups, trays, etc, which are sturdy, cut-resistant, water and oilproof, suitable both for hot and cold food. It is a growing trend as consumers with environmentally conscious are driving businesses to make the switch to eco-friendly solutions.